The Auto-Pilot Pinterest Pin Scheduler
Less work. Better results.

Highly Automated Pin Scheduling
AutoPilot Publishing™ is automation at its best. Our 7-day queue is constantly looping, saving you time...Take Tour

Get More Repins/Likes
EasyQ™ helps you take the guesswork out of scheduling pins, by making it easy to publish up to 72 pins throughout the day... Take Tour

Manage Multiple Accounts
Add an account in seconds, and quickly toggle between unlimited account queues... Take Tour

Measure Your Success
SimpleStats™ real-time analytics lets you know how successful your Traffic Wonker scheduled pins are... Take Tour

Get Rewarded
Pinterest rewards frequent visitors by ranking their pins and boards higher in search. TW helps members get rewarded through the volume and consistency that our scheduler makes possible - with little effort from members... Take Tour

New Member Training
Our printable new member manual helps you understand the TrafficWonker tool set, while the TW University email course helps you optimize your Pinterest and TW account for Pinterest marketing success... Take Tour

Maintain Perfect Boards with AutoClear™
Traffic Wonker is the only pin scheduler with auto-delete. AutoClear™ helps you enjoy the benefits of repinning, while avoiding the manual effort required to maintain duplicate free boards.... Take Tour

Wondering when the best time to pin is?

Want to be set free from analytics?

Websites and blogs are full of suggestions, but the truth is they can only tell you what's best in general, not what's best for you. Analytics, as useful as they are, can't tell you what will happen - only what already happened.

So what is a website/blog owner to do?

Pin Frequently. Repin Everything.

Traffic Wonker's tools are designed to help you do just that - and they're designed to make it easy.

Traffic Wonker's insightful Pinterest pin scheduling platform is based on one simple principle that investment advisors have been sharing with clients for decades - diversification.

As we apply that principle to Pinterest marketing, diversification means -

  • Pin at a wide variety of times
  • Pin a wide variety of pins

No one is able to predict with any consistency when your next potential customer will visit Pinterest. Traffic Wonker helps you be there when they do.

Ready to jump in?

What our members are saying...

"Traffic Wonker has been the perfect solution to getting my important pins SEEN AGAIN! If you want your blog and Pinterest account to grow, sign up! Customer support has been phenomenal!"

"I love! Their customer service is phenomenal. I experienced a few technical issues on my end when I first signed up, but the help desk walked me through it to find the solution. Thanks!" Julie at